The Surrogate 3 (Chapters 11 – 22)


I am now more convinced than ever that Lisa is out there to harm Kat. I thought that Jake, Kat’s boyfriend at the time and who died in the car accident, was a boy that Lisa had a crush on, but to my total surprise Jake was Lisa’s twin brother!!! It makes much more sense that Lisa might have been planning to hurt Kat all along. We don’t know the circumstances of the accident, and the inquest concluded that the accident was caused by the weather that night. Yet, Kat blames herself and Nancy, Lisa’s mother, also blames Kat. Lisa claims that the accident was nobody’s fault, but I think she is lying. In the flashbacks about the past, Kat is also afraid of a man who keeps her locked in some kind of basement. Who is this man? Her father?

Lisa calls just after the New Year to tell Kat that she is bleeding. Then when Kat tries to contact her, her call goes to voicemail. So she decides to try to find her, so she returns to the town where she grew up and swore she wouldn’t return again. She drives around and when she decides to go into a cafe, she is surprised by Nancy, who makes her as welcome as dirty water. Then Kat goes to the cemetery to pay her respects to Jake. While she is there, Lisa turns up and tells her that she is still pregnant. She was expecting twins, and one of the babies is gone. When they go to the pub, Lisa tells her that she had her scan and shows her a picture of the baby. I am convinced that Lisa is not pregnant at all, and the picture she shows her could be of the Gabrielle, the baby she claims to have had for another woman, or if she is a nurse, she couldn’t have any problems getting hold of one scan.

Lisa leaves, and Kat stays a little longer, and when she steps out of the bar, she realises that one of the windows of her car has been smashed with a brick, and one man tells her that this is a common occurrence lately. Then she decides to return home and calls Nick, who tells her that he is at home watching some TV show. Kat decides not to tell him that she is on her way back home instead of staying away overnight as it was her initial plan. As soon as Kat mentions this, I was sure that there would be some problem. When she gets home, she finds the house empty and dark. When she texts Nick, he tells her that the TV show has finished and he is missing her. Thinking that he might be with Richard, she asks him where he is, he says that he is cuddled up in bed. Kat is shocked and heartbroken, and naturally thinks that Nick is having an affair. There have been some clues: his reluctance to talk about the baby, the lipstick mark on his collar on New Year’s Eve, and there is also the conversation she overheard between Nick and Richard. The latter told Nick that he should tell Kat, but Nick said that it was too late. I wonder if Nick is really having an affair or if it is something else. Kat remembers the text that Nick got from Natasha, his ex, and there is also the night of a storm when he came late, and when he returned, he first went to see Clare, their neighbour and friend. I wonder what the matter with Nick is. Is it really an affair? If so? Who with? Lisa? Clare? Natasha? Or is it related to his past? I wonder what he will say when Kat confronts him.

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