Things Are Getting A Little Tricky

Shadows of The Archworld

by Monica Leonelle

Waters Dark & Deep #3

Young Adult, Supernatural

Kennedy Clarke is defeated, sleeping at friends’ houses, and avoiding her twin sister Bristol at all costs. When she’s summoned back for the Silver Smoke Masquerade, she is surprised to learn that her sister wants to bring her deeper into the fold, not punish her. But with Bristol, there’s always a hidden agenda…

Thessa Torres must learn why a former Hunter has been sniffing around the van Rossums and their friends. If Kennedy knows who they really are, it won’t be long before the rest of the Archworld discovers their secret too. And too many in the Archworld wish to destroy the remainder of MIchael’s bloodline for good… unless Thessa can get to Kennedy first.

When Thessa and Kennedy collide, only one can win. In the meantime, their actions have far-reaching consequences that neither of them could have predicted, that change everything for the war that is yet to come.

A broken family, a deadly secret, an impossible romance… Shadow of the Archworld is the third book in Waters Dark and Deep, a young adult urban fantasy series by Monica Leonelle


Note: I did receive this book in exchange for an honest review from the author. Warning: Possible spoilers if you haven’t read the previous books. I am generally a slow reader. I think it takes me longer than most to finish a book however there are always exemptions to the rule. There are a few books that I fly through and Shadow of the Archworld was one of those books. I have an ebook copy and the way I read ebooks are I pick them up whenever I can, when I am traveling from place to place or when I have some unexpected open time and I do schedule some nighttime reading. This means that I had to read little bits here and there but when I actually sat down to read it I flew through the pages. Monica has created a world about Hollows (those with angel blood), Nephilim (those with demon blood) and Trinities (those with both) and it is amazing. The world is complex but not in a bad way, the plot has a nice spin on the angel/demon story, told from multiple povs and I love the different characters bad guys included. Not all hallows are good not all nephilim are bad and the trinities are all crazy (bad blood – pun intended). They are at war with each other they are friends with each other and it’s a whole political mess that is boxed in a mystery and wrapped with a teen angst bow, I mean when most of these being aren’t aging what else would they have but a little angst. Sirena wants her family back on top but she doesn’t know if she can be the leader the hallows need and she has trouble trusting people which would happen when almost every single person in your entire bloodline was murdered. Thessa is trying to keep everyone else alive but herself and her schemes maybe catching up to her. Pilot is in nowhere’s land, his sister is a hallow he is suppose to be a hallow but his powers is bound and he has to find his way in this world and trying to make up for past mistakes. Brie is trying to deal with the fact that she is one of the last of her kind, on most peoples hit list and that she is stronger than anyone knows all they while trying to deny the Rykken love mess. While Rykken is suddenly in the middle of this supernatural world, he has to come to terms with his past, deal with his present and take a stance on his future with or without Brie. As for everyone else it’s a shit show. You can’t trust anyone, everyone has a different agenda and who knows how this is all going to play out. With political plots, murder, allies who may not be allies and supernatural powers in play the next book is going to be just as interesting, I mean it just has to be. I can’t wait to continue the story, not gonna lie I want more Rykken and Brie. Overall


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