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Secrets Of The Lighthouse (2014)

by Santa Montefiore(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 3
1476735379 (ISBN13: 9781476735375)
Simon & Schuster
review 1: I enjoyed this book. I'm not a fan of romance novels, but the supernatural element in this one was intriguing and kept the pace moving. I also enjoyed the setting, and most of the characters were well-developed. The ending was a little "safe," but I think it kept the story from sinking to the level of melodrama. All in all, a satisfying read. I listened to the audio book on Hoopla, my new best friend, and the reader is fantastic.
review 2: This is a Gothic romance that reminded me of the Victoria Holt novels I used to read as a teenager. A beautiful young woman arrives at a house on the coast of Connemara looking to escape the sheltered but uninspiring life has known...she falls in love with a brooding, bearded man with a checkered past...the large extend
... moreed Irish family that she hadn't known existed welcome her with open arms into their small, gossipy coastal town...the remnants of a lighthouse dominate the landscape, the scene of the tragic death of a gorgeous actress who may or may not have been murdered and whose ghost partially narrates the book...you get the idea. This is the sort of old fashioned story telling I adore, and I felt transported to Ireland every time I opened up the pages. The weakness of this story is probably the main character, Ellen. Although it makes sense that the daughter of a noble English family, given everything in the world with no responsibilities, would seem so immature in her early thirties - living still with her parents, proclaiming herself a writer to her relatives in Ireland but never seeming to write a page - her silliness can be grating. I wish Santa Montefiore had created her main character with a bit more spark and gumption, but her lyrical writing and the warmth of the main characters to me made up for this, and I will pick up another Montefiore novel in the future. 4.5 stars. less
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Just couldn't get into this one--too much romance, not enough action? Maybe some other time.
I found the whining of the dead woman exceptionally annoying through the whole book.
Loved the way she wrote, new to this author, will read more.
Set in Ireland.
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