Think a Fence Will Keep your Pets Safe from Predators?

As you can see, NO! A coyote can scale a 7 foot block wall with ease, for a bobcat… even easier.  I’ve seen it many times… and our hobby farm is in a residential area within the Phoenix city limits.  We keep our small dog in a covered pen to do his business. 

This is why…

The Coyote especially, is not afraid of humans, so don’t think for a minute if you’re standing in the yard with your dog it’s safe. It’s not, a coyote came over our block wall and grabbed one of my chickens within 15 feet of where I was standing.  Keep in mind, Coyotes and Bobcats are most active hunters at dawn and dusk. However, I’ve eye witnessed predator attacks (poultry) right here at TBN Ranch late morning and mid-afternoon.

Keep your pets safe, it’s a jungle out there! Build an enclosed safe zone for small-medium dogs and keep your cats indoors.

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