Hot Excerpt from “Casual Car Punishment”

Damon and Jemma are back in Going Solo: Part 5: Casual Car Punishment!

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It was a battle of wills; Damon desperate to retain control, while Jemma did whatever she could to break past that barrier and join them emotionally, as well as physically. Her core was clamoring for his invasion, but she kept kissing him; his cheeks, his neck, his rough jawline, while digging her nails into his rigid shoulder muscles.

“You want my cock, don’t you, baby?” He spoke crudely, determined to demean and humiliate her.

“Yes, I love your cock,” she breathed. “I love your body.”

“You’re desperate for me to fuck you.”

“Yes, I want you to fuck me, please.”

“Then go on, you do it.” His breathing was labored as he leaned back, looking down to where his massive cock jutted up between them, shining wet with her juices.

Sweat was beading his forehead and she knew he could not hold out much longer, so she did as he asked. Sliding one hand between their bodies, she closed her fist around his massive cock — it was so beautiful, smooth, and pulsing with life.

Damon groaned as she squeezed and stroked him. “For fuck’s sake, Jemma, just do it!”

She could have held out a few moments longer, make him beg, but she wasn’t going to do that, not now, not when she needed him to trust her. Ankles linked tight at his lower back, she guided the engorged head of his shaft to her streaming core.

With an agonized groan, Damon thrust himself into her, and Jemma’s muscles clenched around him, stretching in blissful fulfillment. God, he was so big.

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