Thought For the Day: It’s the Moments That Make Up the Years

“People forget years and remember moments.” -Ann Beattie, novelist (b. 8 Sep 1947)

The years roll on by us.  It’s the moments in each year that make the journey memorable.  There is no argument there.   Time is fascinating that way isn’t it.  The truly curious thing is that as we get older it seems like time slips on by and before we know it, we’re at the end of our journey.

So, here’s my proposition, please.  Let’s make this count.   Let’s make year as filled with the wonderful moments that take our breath away as we possibly can.  There are only so many years each of us have.  Our days are numbered.  Let’s spend each one being, doing and dreaming the very best each of us is capable.  What do you say?

While we’re busy doing this, let’s remember to not surround ourselves in ourselves or those who seem to believe their sole function is to drag us down.  There will be times of pain and sadness in every person’s life.  It’s, in part, these tragedies – large and small – that help us learn and grow.  Knowing this inevitability, let’s surround ourselves with those who will reach out their hearts to catch our tears when we cry them and reach down with their hands to help us back to our feet when we fall.  These are the life builders who help us dream and keep us on course when something goes wrong.  Even when things do go wrong, it is these hearts and hands and bring us the moments that we can and will cherish always.

Recently, just this week, I was shocked to find that I am reeling from something caused by a life stealer.  I will always remember those tears and utter shock that anyone can do anything so completely unforgivable.  But, do you want to know what I will remember more?  The heart that me by the hand and into her arms as she held me telling me she loves me and allowed me time for my profound sorrow that someone would take the life of another sentient being just to make me suffer.  Also, remembered are the many, many friends who came forward in my time of need and told me In no uncertain terms that they are here for me and felt my pain and offered their words of encouragement.

These are the moments that make up a lifetime of years that if I am right, I will cherish forever.  My heart is filled with immense gratitude toward each of those who came forward to figuratively or literally put their arms around my shoulder and tell me by what they showed that they care and are here for me.  With such life builders around, how can life be less than meaningful or not have more than its share of moments that make it all worth the living.

If you’re reading this, thank you!  The life you saved from becoming lost in the mire of sorrow was mine.  and… I appreciate it.  Biloxi Jake was a good dog.  He was my kidnapped doggie family.  Not just a pet but a companion and friend and even in some silly way my doggie son.  He gave a lot of joy to my little girls.  What my ex did is so hard to forgive.  Still thank you all for being there and more for still being here.

There’s a word for it.  It’s called love.  And you all are the very best




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