Time flies

Without realising, I’ve neglected this blog a bit. Things have been really busy and the baby has grown up at the speed of light. Everyday, something new happens and the boy develops new skills and even more quirks. The time is flying by and being a dad gets more and more fun.

One of the most noticeable things of recent, is that the baby is interacting way more. He puts his hands out to grab and pull at things (can be annoying) and he smiles and coos all day long. My favourite thing is when he goes wild when I get home from work, he just laughs his head off and wants to play. As he develops, we can see his emerging personality. Admittedly, it’s a bit Jekyll and Hyde at times, but that was to be expected with us as parents. The new-born stage is fun, don’t get me wrong, but being a dad is a totally different experience post-6 months.

We’ve overcome a lot of challenges with the baby, e.g. generally knowing how to keep a human alive, but we’ve found that once an obstacle is overcome, another presents itself. Parenting is gauntlet of challenges and tests and we often have to remind ourselves it was never going to be easy. The phrase “I’m tired,” has taken on a whole new meaning and I’m really not sure how I thought that 9 hours sleep wasn’t enough pre-baby. Regardless of how wrecked you can feel after another consecutive night of broken sleep, the reward heavily outweighs the cost.

The baby has superhuman strength and his ability to seemingly teleport himself to different parts of the room develops daily. I think the crawling milestone is one of the biggest ones as it signifies our baby isn’t a tiny baby any more. Although he doesn’t have the technique down (it’s currently somewhere between spinning and downward dog) he can get about fairly and it’s already pretty apparent that he is going to be a real handful (again no surprise really).

While the baby hits milestones, weirdly so are we. We moved house in the last month or so and (actual) work gets more and more intense. Blogging wise, my year anniversary slipped by without any mention (completely unintentionally) and the fact I’ve been at it that long already signifies how quickly the time has gone. It seems like yesterday I was sat with my dear friends Katie and Chloe and they were encouraging me to start writing about Elissa being pregnant. Ironically, I laughed at them and said there was no way I’d do it – I’ve never really said it, but thanks girls. In the year, I’ve managed to work with some of the biggest publications in the business, made some mint pals through social media and learnt a lot about my (in)ability to parent first time round.

I haven’t done it yet, so I’d like to just take the chance to thank everyone who has supported me, especially my wife Elissa who has been the BEST in every respect. I’d also like to thank the haters who hilariously encouraged me through their ignorance – cheers. Having a baby is the best thing to ever happen to me and I literally can’t wait to see what else we have in store (hopefully more sleep).

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