Today, the guys in the Goodreads Top 5 Wednesday group have an interesting topic, one which is straight forward and to the point: Characters on My Naughty List!  “Villains or just characters you don’t like!”

Well, well, how do I narrow them all down.  There are so many whom I dislike for different reasons.  But I have to admit really enjoying the idea of getting to point fingers at certain individuals and say “Lump of coal for you, you jerk.”  It makes me smile.

5.  Prince Bifalt

This eldest son of the Bellegerin King is a serious sort, determined as well as loyal to his father and his country.  He will lay down his life for either without a second thought, but he is the most stubborn, ridiculously bull-headed person I’ve read about in quite some time.  His one track mind so firmly fixed on a single objective that he can’t see the solution to his problems if it slapped him.  So here is your coal Bifalt, because you definitely earned it in my book.

4. The Warden

Even though I like this guy, empathize with him to a certain extent, I can’t say that I understand why a man with such unique talents has set his sights on doing nothing with it.  Sure, he has issues.   Disgraced intelligence agent. Forgotten war hero. Independent drug dealer.  Each setback and bad choice in his life having left him with scars, but he is such a cynical, unpleasant bastard all of the time that he probably would be happy to land on the naughty list, since it would prove his negative outlook on life.

3. Princess Melodía

This Imperial Princess is on my list because I just cannot ever seem to truly grow to like her.  Sure, she has moments here or there where I begin to think she is growing up and we can be fast friends, or at least companions, along this journey, then she does something damn annoying which causes me to roll my eyes, shake my head in disdain, or sigh loudly.  No matter the method of my display of annoyance it always means one thing and one thing only: I’m damn tired of the immaturity already.

2. Princess Adare

There are many elements of this trilogy from Brian Staveley which I truly adore, but one of them that I never warmed up to was Adare.  I appreciate her unique position at her father’s side at his death, her struggle to deal with the politics of the capital, and her continued precarious situation.  Not sure exactly what it was that consistently rubbed me the wrong way about this imperial scion, but she and I never could make a real connection where I was fully invested in her journey, which led to me ultimately disliking her.

1.  Nona  

I’m not sure it is fair for me to dislike Nona as much as I do.  Mark Lawrence did a good job developing her, showing her growing up, and placing her into several dangerous situations where she showed her true grit and skill, but I found her rather boring.  Annoyingly boring.  Well, except for the flashforwards to some epic fights.  Now, those I really enjoyed and liked that Nona.  The young, teenage Nona I could live without and believe readily deserves her place on this list.

Agree?  Disagree?  Have your own characters you’d like to mention?  Let us know!

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