Unstoppable by Tim Green

Unstoppable: impossible to stop something or someone. Harrison Johnson is your average 12-year-old boy who has learned to play football and love it. After people saw what he could do on the field, they started growing jealous. This realistic fiction takes place in a town where people aren’t as accepting as he hoped. Being the new kid, it wasn’t easy making new friends once people found out that the coach was his foster dad. Tim Green does a great job capturing how hard it is to fit in because after people found out about what was happening to him, they started excluding him. Fortunately, Harrison didn’t really care about having friends…all he really wanted was to play football.

My first reason to pick out this book is because the cover stood out to me, mostly because I LOVE fictional football books. My favorite part of this book would have to be when he puts his shoulder pads on backwards. I don’t blame him for not knowing what to do since it was his first time playing football. Some people might dislike Unstoppable because of the whole football part, but if you’re in the mood to feel motivated, this book would definitely cheer you up.

Unstoppable isn’t just about football, it’s about getting up after a hard hit. The theme of this book is to encourage readers to not give up. My favorite thing about Harrison is that he can be a really sarcastic person sometimes. As a reader, I obviously want more details that can lead up to an important conclusion. Unfortunately, there was a time gap that led from him trying to run away from his parents, to him playing football again, and I wanted to know what happened in that time gap.

All in all, I rate Unstoppable an 8/10. A reader who has been through tough times would like this book because Harrison has struggled internally. If Tim Green comes out with a new book, I would be sure to check it out!


Review by Nicole M.

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