Matter Vs Anti-Matter

Scientists at Cern and around the world have found Anti-Matter but can’t explain why there are not anti-matter planets, galaxies and other in the universe. The video features world, leading physicist Michio Kaku who we see on a regular basis explaining our universe and how we all came to be.

One thing I have observed in science throughout is the lack of imagination and ideas. From archaeology to theoretical physics, people come up with the blandest of theories and the sciences fail to come together and talk. The fields like archaeology and geology speak as they relate to one another, same with anthropology, they are grouped. How many actually talk to the engineers and computer scientists to look at how ancient sites were developed using computer simulation and mathematics? Would the outcome of findings turn out different?

I have studied a wide range of subjects, history, politics, psychology and love watching various lectures on TED’s YouTube channel, I am currently doing a BA Hons in Social Science and see how several subjects are needed to be taught to give a comprehensive look at the subject as a whole.

There is an abundance of ideas but none that are all-inclusive. Take the ‘Life’s a Simulation’ theory. If this is so and we are bits of information and what we see is the UI of what is really there, couldn’t Anti Matter be the behind the scenes? Could the Anti-Matter be what goes on before it reaches the UI? As someone who played simulation life games, and knows a little about computers, such as our screens are just what makes the machine usable to anyone who doesn’t understand binary code, or how to read computer script programming to send an email or to fire up a game. These elements are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye either if you have no interest in computer engineering and programming. You also wouldn’t be able to navigate your way through an open world game and why would you want too if all you could see is a black screen with ones and zeros?

If the computer, internet error code that has been found in the building blocks of life is correct then shouldn’t we try and look at behind the veil and see what is behind the UI? So many questions and as many of the theoretical scientists trying to answer these questions say, when you answer one questions, you are left with a dozen more. How about we stop being so selective on who and which science is doing what and talk to one another.

I am now on a mission to bring several subjects in science together and look at the outcomes. Look at How the Vikings along with several other cultures throughout history all tell us that there are different worlds/levels in which us humans have to traverse before we reach the top and go on to a higher plane of existence. This pretty much sounds like ‘Multi-dimensional/String’ theory to me. How did these people know this and we are only just thinking, ‘Hey, this may turn out to be correct.’ The Norse believed in nine worlds all running aside this world and they all worked a little different. A world made of fire and one made of shadow for example. These people weren’t primitive, they were very intelligent and we are only just discovering in recent times, that they knew of America long before the rest of the world, or did they? The Egyptians knew of South America and the mummies have been found to contain cocaine and opiates, found in that part of the world. The Egyptians left a lot of documentation about their culture, life and death process, so why are there holes in what the world knows, it feels to me that history has been edited to some degree and science as a whole is left at a standstill.

The likes of Einstine and Tesslar are no more. The quality of scientists that came together from different fields to enhance their knowledge banks is gone and it is each scientist to themselves and some are ridiculed for thinking outside of their dogmatic boxes of what they have been taught. Our education should be a foundation to our future endeavours no matter what subject or vocation, not a handbook for ignorance and arrogance that science know it all now and it is a matter of collecting evidence for our forefathers of science have discovered and come across in the past without the use of smart technology and the super hi-res telescopes, microscopes and hadron colliders. Some brave people have even dared to say that even the theory of Relativity may be off the mark. I would say if the grandfather of physics was here today with all that would be at his disposal, he would have reviewed his work a billion times already and come up with a solution, now it is taking droves of thousands of scientist around the world to come up with these theories or fixes to already set theories of their predecessors who came up with these things all by their selves, discussed it with others only when the hard work was already done before publication, opening it up for debate and amendment only.

In my conclusion, science needs a kick up the backside and the different areas to come together and talk. Science needs to look at all theories no matter what they believe in or their field and background.


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