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Jarrettsville (2009)

by Cornelia Nixon(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 3
158243512X (ISBN13: 9781582435121)
review 1: A strong 4 1/2. Has a bit of everything to recommend it. Historical fiction set in northern Maryland soon after the end of the Civil War – and based on a true story that involves a murder. Giving nothing away here as the murder takes place in the first few pages and the book details what led up to it. So there’s a love story, north/south issues, families with divided loyalties concerning the war, reconstruction, and racial issues. Sounds like a lot but very well constructed and a great read.
review 2: This would be a great selection for a book club. The book is well written, but it tended to drag during Martha's segment. There are numerous discussion points throughout and the ones that interested me most were (1) interactions between Rebel-friendly Mar
... moreylanders and their neighbors who were abolitionists (2) treatment of black Northern soliders after they returned from fighting for their country (3) norms regarding women and sex (4) Male-domination of society and how women's minds were "fragile" and shouldn't be educated. less
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book club choice. interesting read since the book was based on a town near me.
An intriguing novel of the post Civil War on and about the Mason/Dixon line.
Great read! Both thought provoking and entertaining
Guys would also like this book.
(this is where i grew up.)
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