What I’m Reading Now

Early last week I received a copy of Jacob Appel’s Scouting for the Reaper, which is a collection of short stories that centers around a fictional town in Rhode Island (although it’s a real town in Missouri). I’ve only read the first few so far, but it’s pretty good and I’m looking forward to sharing my review.

Other than that there haven’t been many changes to the stack of books in the fridge since the last time I’ve updated; I’m still working through The Sound and the Fury, and The Poseidon Adventure. Also, I’ve been on the waiting list at the library for The Ninth Life of Louis Drax for ages, and I’ve just gotten my hands on an ebook copy, so Jane Eyre has pretty much taken a backseat. Although I’m heading into some time off, so hopefully I’ll be able to do some more reading and amp up on the reviews!

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