You can ‘Bet’ on laughter with raunchy film starring wrestlers

Diamond Dallas Page stars in The Bet.

Aaron Jankowski

When you have been going non-stop for a few weeks, and the only thing you have watched in that time is the Olympics, a nice quick and silly comedy is exactly what the doctor ordered. And, when you are an adult who grew up on World Wrestling Entertainment, a comedy that features a few legends such as  Diamond Dallas Page, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Tommy Dreamer and the late, great Rowdy Roddy Piper, it makes the process all the more sweet.

The Bet is a profane, raunchy, dumb and unapologetically adolescent film that plays out like a missing sub-story of the American Pie franchise — and I mean all of this in the best possible way.

Written by Aaron Goldberg and Chris Jay, The Bet tells the story of Denton Baker’s (played by Alex Klein) quest to, you guessed it, win a bet.

The bet the lovable loser Baker finds himself involved with? Well, the bet is to see if he can have sex with 12 women (Spoiler: 11 women and one man) that they went to high school with before the summer soft ball league he, his friends, and their old high school nemesis Brandon Lucas (played by Michael Consiglio) all play in ends. If he succeeds in his task, he will win back the company that his rival’s father (Jake Roberts) stole from his own father (DDP.) However, if he cannot bed all 12 of then Baker has to give his house to Lucas.

If you are easily offended, it is probably a good bet to skip The Bet all together, just in case the whole premise didn’t scare you off, the details of how Baker and his motley crew go about trying to win the bet are, well, they are awful. However, right from the very second the film starts, you are peppered with the kind of humour you will be engulfed in for the next 88 minutes, so no one can ever claim that The Bet is trying to be anything it isn’t.

Which leads me into a little bit of the negative. As I mentioned before, The Bet feels like it is a missing link in the American Pie franchises, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it also isn’t totally a great thing. The plot is full of holes, and the characters are all truly awful people. The good news? None of that really matters here. The Bet is a “sex comedy,” if you will. And from the very moment the film begins, it owns up to that. Sure, the plot may not be one of the most original pieces of work, and you can pretty much see all of the major plot points as they come, but where Goldberg and Jay brought a truck-load of creativity to their project was the dialogue.

Now I am not about to say that the script for the raunchy film was groundbreaking, or ground breaking, but I will give it what I deem to be one of the biggest compliments a comedy can get: I will be quoting this movie for the rest of the summer. Hell, the rest of the year.

Jake (The Snake) Roberts stars in The Bet.

A lot of the potty humour thrown around by the characters in The Bet is the most disgusting, foul, and hilarious stuff I have heard in a while. There were a few times I even scratched a phrase or two down on a napkin so I could use them myself when fantasy football starts up.

Because of where I am writing this, I feel safe in saying that there is one more major downside to The Bet: While DDP finds himself in more than a few scenes, he was not given much to work with, and Jake was handed even less. Though, they did shine while they were on screen.

All in all, The Bet is the perfect movie to throw on during a hot summer night when all you want to do is have a beer and watch a silly comedy. And, really, what better praise can you give a comedy?

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