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Carol Of The Bellskis (2009)

by Astrid Amara(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 3
Loose Id
review 1: Seth and Lars had been together a year or so, Lars is an lawyer also not out like Seth, Seth his paralegal, Seth invite Lars to spend Hanukkah with him and his aunty and uncle and b&b but Lars doesn't go. Seth is angry and breakup with him. So he goes on his own, but of course Lars follows him and wants another chance. There is a full B&B full of guests and no owners in site. what will seth do how will he survive the days ahead and will he give lars a second chance.
review 2: 4.5 stars rounded up to 5.0Paralegal Seth Bellski has been secretly dating his boss, Lars Varga, founding partner of Finch & Varga Law, for the past year. Seth is out but Lars is not. Seth loves Lars but is tired of the secrecy (Lars even has a beard GF!). Seth begs Lars to spend Hanukkah
... morewith Seth's family at their kosher B&B in Whistler but when Lars refuses, it's one more disappointment in a string of disappointments and the final straw for Seth. Realizing that Lars will never come out of the closet, Seth calls it quits on their relationship and takes off for the B&B. What he finds, however, is that his aunt and uncle are missing and seven demanding, peculiar, and danger-prone guests have arrived. Seth struggles to run the B&B until his aunt and uncle show up but it's difficult since he has zero culinary skills. Much to his dismay, Lars shows up, begging forgiveness. Between having to placate the demanding and accident prone guests and worrying over Seth's missing aunt and uncle, Seth and Lars miraculously find each other and manage to heal their broken relationship.I truly loved this story. It was angst-ridden and painful at times. The dichotomy between the closeted Lars and the out-and-proud Seth made the characters believable. I really liked both MCs. Despite the pain and heartache of their situation, neither gave up and I cheered them for their hard-won HEA. True to form, Astrid Amara's secondary characters were a welcome addition to the story. This book had its moments, both happy and sad. The reason behind the aunt and uncle's disappearance was a little irritating but did not diminish my overall enjoyment of the story.Bottom line: an angsty but sweet and satisfying read about healing and hope in the Hanukkah season. Recommend! less
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2.5 stars. Review laterish.
Rounded up after reread.
4.5 stars.
4.5 stars
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