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Fall Into My Heart (2000)

by Rebecca Elise(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: I wanted to like this one, the writing isn't bad. Too much detail on the monotonous daily chores like clothing, what to eat and everyone in London greeting each other with riduculous terms of endearment like "Foxy Lady" and "My Dear". No one says these things unless they're over 80. Plus the band members names aren't English names either. Noah? Tyler? Jackson?And the unspeakable Julissa. Nobody is that rude. Did I mention this is in England? We're all reserved!!Too many Americanisms too. No cafeteria would serve Bagels. And no British person would order “Shrimp scampi with a side of meatballs.” Just sayin'.
review 2: Chloe was recovering from the shock of finding her fiance in their bed with another woman and decided a chance of scenery would be a good thi
... moreng so she took a new job as a publicist and relocated to England. shortly after arriving in England she meets sexy musician Jack, her neighbor and client and feels an instant connection to him. But what will happen when cheating ex fiance makes a trip across the pond in hopes of winning Chloe back.I loved this book.Chloe was such a realistic heroine. She was trying to move on from a bad situation but she was not the epitome of calm cool and collected. She is clumsy, in an endearing way. She often blurts things out and often embarrasses herself but every misstep and misspoke word keeps Jack coming back for more. the only thing I would change in this book would be for the author to provide alternating perspectives so we could get inside Jack's head and know how he feels about everything as it happens. With that being said, the author does offer a short companion novella, designed to follow Fall Into My Heart called Surrender my love, which does give Jack's side of the story.there is also a 2nd book in the Subzero series that focuses on Chloe's sister and a fellow bandmate of Jake's and I look forward to reading it. less
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Chloe was a bit to whinny for me but other then that it was great
Worth the read. Good characters and story.
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