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Rubber Band/The Red Box 2-In-1 (2013)

by Rex Stout(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 3
1299708161 (ISBN13: 9781299708167)
review 1: The Rubber Band follows a young woman on a quest to solve a mystery and fulfill a promise owed to her father (recently deceased). Of course, nothing is every simple in a Nero Wolfe mystery so from the beginning there is murder, intrigue, and suspicion on all sides. Wolfe (and Archie!) are at their best in this novel and culminates in a shocking ending that left me with my mouth agape in wonderment.The Red Box started out in the style of a whodunit except where the suspects were numerous but the motive was unknown. As the story progresses, the mystery mounts around a core group of people (a family in fact) and Wolfe is forced to switch clients (unheard of for him) as the cast of characters is whittled down by murder. You can feel the mounting frustration with each turn of t... morehe page as Archie is left out of the loop (nothing new there really) and the lack of evidence takes a toll on the master detective.Honestly, if you enjoy a riveting mystery novel then either (or both) will sate your appetite.
review 2: Another amazing Nero Wolfe mystery. The Rubber Band was incredible, possibly the best mystery I have read from Rex Stout in the Nero Wolfe series so far. It had lots of fun twists and turns, and the ending was quite unexpected. Likewise, the Red Box had some fun twists, with a surprise ending. It is testament to the talent of Rex Stout that I can never tell who the culprit is--he hides it well. Wolfe always surprises, with his shenanigans and tricks to force the villian to show him/herself. Highly recommended. less
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See my comments on "Full House" for review.
Archie and Nero never disappoint. Never.
Elizabeth suggested at Book Club
Nero Wolfe leaves his house!
Good solid Nero Wolfe
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