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Kickers #1: The Ball Hogs (2010)

by Rich Wallace(Favorite Author)
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1299169740 (ISBN13: 9781299169746)
Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
review 1: Silver Knight, 2012 (grade 3)This is the first in the "Kickers" series all about soccer. Boys at my school are already really enjoying this book. It's about Ben and his friends in grade 4. The chapters alternate between action on the soccer field as part of a new team and action at recess on the four-square court. And throughout, his nemesis Mark is bigger, stronger, and arrogant enough to drive a boy mad. Ben wants to win at everything he does, but his team can't win a game as long as Mark hogs the ball. Will they ever learn to play as a team? Illustrated.
review 2: In the first book of the brand new “Kickers” series, Rich Wallace introduces readers to Ben and the Bobcats.This is Ben’s first time on a real soccer team, but he just knows that he’s going
... more to be the best player out there; he’s a four-square champ on the playground and he even owns his very own soccer ball.That changes when mean show-off Mark joins the team.Mark is really fast and athletic, but he hogs the ball and is not very good at passing it to his teammates.To make matters even worse, the Bobcats only have three practices before their first big game, and Ben finds out the hard way that Mark isn’t the team’s only ball hog.Ben might be one too!At practice, their coach works with the Bobcats to help them become a better team and have more fun playing together.Will it be enough to earn the team their first win of the season?This book is a great introduction to teamwork and soccer skills, and the story ends with Ben’s Soccer Tips.Boys and girls who play soccer or other sports will especially like this series.This review originally appeared on abookandahug.com less
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A great book for kids playing soccer or simply loving that sport. It deals a lot with teamwork.
Good level for Asher. Teaches a good lesson and lots of soccer talk :)
Quick read, good for middle graders who like soccer.
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