An obnoxious food tour: North and South Carolina 


…So I felt that was the most honest title for this post. Most of what I did on this leg of the trip was eat. And shop and go to a drum circle and play with an adorable boxer named Mister, but mostly eat.

Because when life gives you tacos and southern cocktails and syrupy, ham filled crepes, you make room in your stomach.

Here are the gory details.

Methodical Coffee, Greenville

Where: 101 N. Main St.

The eats: A Peach Tres Leches and a peach croissant

Apparently this shop is famous around the East Coast for next level brews. I am not really a coffee person – I’m that girl who will get an edgy latte, but only every few months and I’ll probably pour some sugar or honey in it (I know..sacrilege) – but I told myself I had to branch out if I was in the presence of such masters. I was not disappointed – the drink was smooth and rich. The atmosphere was both modern and a southern plantation mixed with metal accents and twinkly lights.

The Nose Dive, Greenville

Where: 116 S. Main St.

The eats: Grilled cheese and Caesar salad

This place served up informal pub fare in big portions. I got a grilled cheese, which was browned to perfection with crispy apples inside for a tasty crunch. Also, the servers went the extra mile to joke around and make you feel at home –it seems that’s a trend in the South. People are so nice, they make my best friendly greeting seem rude.

Farmhouse Tacos, Traveler’s Rest

Where: 164 S. Main St.

The eats: Southern margarita; calabash shrimp, baja fish and ancho charred chicken tacos

Ah, my old haunt. Only been there twice in my lifetime, but’s a fav. Always packed but never frantic, this joint dishes out unique tacos a la carte – the seafood ones have been the winners so far. Also the southern margaritas (regular ‘ritas with a dash of peach and sugar on the rim) are a must.

Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse, Traveler’s Rest

Where: 2 S. Main St.

The eats: Lumberjack savory crepe

Probably THE most Instagrammable place I’ve come upon so far (criteria: amount of white walls, small lights, romantic plants). It’s clearly a local favorite for breakfast and coffee, and it’s easy to see why – the crepes are HUGE comfort food extravaganzas. Cheese, bacon, name it, it’s on that menu board, paired with other delectable ingredients. The cafe also has a lovely garden-y patio seating area.

Rocket Surgery, Traveler’s Rest

Where: 164-D S. Main St.

The eats: Crispy brussel sprouts, beet veggie burger slider

Ok, so it’s a weird name. Doesn’t give any idea what to expect, except maybe experiments. And that’s what I got when I visited the brand spanking new eatery (it opened in August.) Brussels sprouts with sriracha sauce, a beet veggie slider, and an option on the drink menu to have the bartender whip up a surprise libation for you (you pick the mood and/or flavor.) All of it was amazing. This place has a serious knack for flavor. Also the lights looked like chemical molecular structures, which is just cool.

Farm Burger, Asheville

Where: 10 Patton Ave.

The eats: No. 5 burger with goat cheese, arugula, peach chutney, basil dressing; FB fries

On to North Carolina. I took a day trip up to the East’s hippiest city to walk the tie-dye festooned streets, take part in the mood-boosting bash that is the Friday night drum circle, and of course, eat good food. Farm Burger was one of my first choices, since I remembered its standout burger deliciousness from four years ago when I interned in Asheville. As we’ve already established, I’m a sucker for peaches and goat cheese, and my No. 5 burger arrived with a mountain of FB fries (drenched in spicy garlic, Parmesan, and herbs.) Also, Farm Burger is ethically sound, using 100% grassfed beef and locally sourced ingredients. It’s a chain with locations around the South and in California.

French Broad Chocolate Lounge, Asheville

Where: 10 S. Pack Square

The eats: Highland Mocha Stout cake

Last but definitely first in terms of pure sugar content, we have the chocolate lounge. If Augustus Gloop, the adolescent chocolate addict of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fame, existed in real life, he would live in this shop. Towering chocolate cakes, delicate truffles, little pots of drinkable chocolate…it was overwhelming. The floor to ceiling windows allows light to stream into the dining area, and lets everyone walking through downtown see how much chocolate you’re eating. But who’s ashamed? Not me.

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