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Song Of The Slums (2013)

by Richard Harland(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 1
1743310056 (ISBN13: 9781743310052)
Allen & Unwin
review 1: This book was okay...to me it seemed like a solid first or second draft that needed some further revising to make it really good. It's steampunk - and yet, there is not enough steampunk to really sink your teeth into. It's a romance - and yet the romance is never really developed properly. It's an intrigue - and yet the political drama that unfolds at the back of the story is never really capitalised on either. The result of all this surface-only story telling in a tepid, rather uninspiring tale that could have been so much more.
review 2: This surprised me as I LOVED the cover, but didn't read the blurb. So when it began with Astor (the main character) arriving at a fabulously rich house, expecting to be engaged to a son of the house, I was kind of expecting
... morea romancy-type novel. So the rest of the tale came as quite a shock - but an extremely pleasant one. Song of the Slums is actually a really good steam punk novel with interesting, intelligent characters and fabulous music! Recommended. less
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