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The Age Of Wonder: How The Romantic Generation Discovered The Beauty And Terror Of Science (2009)

by Richard Holmes(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 3
0007149522 (ISBN13: 9780007149520)
review 1: There is no doubt Richard Holmes can write extremely well and has provided ample evidence in "The Age of Wonder." I feel bad giving this book only three stars and I am at odds with the majority in not awarding a 4. Unquestionably this is a 4 star Amazon rating which equals the 3 star version of Goodreads, but it comes down to content that at times did not hit home for me. There is some incredibly interesting history and biographical information that will enrich anyone interested in the historical basis for astronomy, hot air ballooning, and chemistry. I will try to find other books by Holmes that are available for future reading pleasure.
review 2: What a remarkable piece of work, a glowing little masterpiece from Richard Holmes! To link the disparate lives o
... moref these early nineteenth century ‘scientists’ (the word is invented towards the end of his tale) with such fluent ease is already something. But to write with such clarity, balance and gentle humour is simply wonderful. One of the best books I have read in quite a while. It is a brilliant analysis of the place of science, and of the scientist, in society, both pre-Victorian and contemporary. I wish there had been still more remarkable people during that period, so that Richard Holmes’ account could have been twice as long. less
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meh, this was actually kind of a boring book to read. not really recommended.
Covered on Well Read, 12.15.14 by Ms Gwinnett
SDMB recco: JKellyMap - interest in topic
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