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Die Time Catcher (2013)

by Richard Ungar(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 1
3570155749 (ISBN13: 9783570155745)
Time Snatchers
review 1: I picked up this book because someone who had looked at my book on Amazon also looked at this one. So I thought I'd give it a shot.Overall, the writing was tight. I felt that the characters were believable and I loved the mix of sci-fi and historical events weaved together.What I had problems with:1) There seemed to be a lot of writing that I didn't find totally necessary. I think the book could have spent less time on some of the mundane repetitive things and more on the active events, but I'm a plot-driven writer/reader...2) I found the storyline to be very cool, but it seemed to shift directions mid-story, which I didn't love.3) The ending was so abrupt, that it put a poor taste in my mouth.With that said, I really enjoyed the book (except the end) and will definitely l... moreook for other books by this author.
review 2: Good action, adventure, science fantasy (yes, that is a real sub genre) for middle grade readers. The story could have been tighter and there were inconsistencies and there was more telling rather than showing in the writing, but the overall story idea was compelling and I wanted to know what happened. Again, a good book for readers around 13 years old (the age of most of the kids in the story), especially boys. less
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Es ist ein bisschen wie eine Scifi Version von Dickens. Okay, aber riss mich nicht vom Hocker.
Didnt expect that kind of ending, nevertheless a really good book!
It was okay, but the ending was quite abrupt, which threw me off.
it was a good book kinda confusing at the end
It was good. The ending was awful.
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