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Spies Of Mississippi: The True Story Of The Spy Network That Tried To Destroy The Civil Rights Movement (2010)

by Rick Bowers(Favorite Author)
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1426305958 (ISBN13: 9781426305955)
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review 1: I recently read the Spies of Mississippi: The True Story of the Spy Network that Tried to Destroy the Civil Right movement. I am not a big fan of non fiction but when I read this book I really liked it even though it is not like a typical fiction book it does not have characters instead it talks about what the Commission was and has facts. But the author takes you through a timeline and makes the facts connect to the time period even though it is a short book it is worth the read. For both people who like reading books and people who dont like reading.
review 2: I read this book for a YA LIT symposium I will be taking next month. While the content had alot of information I already knew, I was BLOWN away at the secrets that were revealed and the documents that
... morewere there to prove this. This book would make a GREAT classroom lit book with a million lesson plans already flowing out of my brain. I havent searched yet for lesson companions on the net, but Im sure they are abundant. This book has alot of big words that are not used much unless you listen to the financial/political news regularly (which most YA's dont). So, Be prepared to go heavy on the Vocab along with the content. less
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Poorly written, but it's a pretty interesting subject nonetheless.
Ok. Would have liked something deeper & meatier.
wild book about southern fried state terrorism.
Loved it! A very good nonfiction book.
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