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Haunted By The Past (2010)

by Riley Ashford(Favorite Author)
2.95 of 5 Votes: 3
Ellora's Cave
review 1: The star rating given reflects my opinion within ‘the official goodreads rating system’.1 star: Didn’t Like it2 stars: It’s Okay3 stars: Liked it4 stars: Really Liked it5 stars: It Was AmazingI don’t really give a rat-fuck that there are some who think I ‘owe’ an explanation for my opinion. Nope, nada, and not sorry about it.Sometimes I may add notes to explain what my opinions are based on, and sometimes I don’t. I do this for me, on my books, in my library and I don’t ‘owe’ any special snowflakes a thing. Fuck off if you don’t like it and stop reading my shit.Particularly given the ‘modifications’ to reader’s personal content going on (and outright censorship), unless particularly motivated I will not comment in detail. It wo... moreuld help if GR was forthcoming in the new ‘appropriate’ and would make a site-wide announcement delineating the new focus from a reader-centric site to one that is now for authors and selling.
review 2: I think the concept was interesting. A little freaky about the dreams she was having while at the cabin and she was able to figure it all out. How quickly she accepted being swatted on the ass by the cop's belt was a bit much for me. It sounded like that hurt more than was sensual. Granted, they'd known each other years ago, but that relationship just seemed to progress too quickly for me. Even though I know it's a short story. less
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Just didn't capture my attention.
*downloaded free on ARE
Short but sweet
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