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Required Surrender (2013)

by Riley Murphy(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 4
1419944398 (ISBN13: 9781419944390)
Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.
Trust in Me
review 1: Read on behalf of Fictional Mens Page...REVIEW - Required Surrender (Trust In Me, #3) by Riley Murphy5 StarsReviewed by Vivienne KaufferI absolutely loved this instalment of the Trust In Me series! Garner your emotions as this one brought me to tears! Jo is sassy, bratty and an absolute pain in the ar*e. She's seen as tough and hard work but she's hiding something. She wants a Dom to help her get rid of her demons but she wants to call all the shots...no chance of that happening! I think Ted may be my favourite Dom in the series so far. He's known as The Disciplinarian and he's hard as nails. With a scar and a reputation as the one Dom to send your bratty sub to, to be trained when all else fails, he's just not looking for a sub of his own. When Ted finds out that Jo has a... moregreed to anything and everything at his club he's forced to take action but will he be able to control this bratty sub? This is my favourite in the series so far. Poor Jo is so damaged that I honestly wasn't sure if she'd be able to ever open up. Add in a deceitful b*stard and a family in turmoil and it all spells disaster. As with the previous two books, it's well written and the characters are well thought out. It drew me in and I found myself sobbing when the one things Jo has on her hard limit is used against her. A great read! Can't wait for the next book, which is a novella, book #3.5.
review 2: Okay, I. Am not sure what to say about this book. There were parts I liked and there were parts that I disliked. What I liked:- her finally standing up for herself in all her relationships and fighting for what she wanted- him finally telling the truth and stopped pushing her awayWhat I disliked:- him wanting her to be truthful but he was not being truthful....if you are going to make her do it then you as the Dom need to too- I realize it is a Master/Slave relationship but what I cannot stand is when the Master thinks its okay to call the Slave a whore. There was no reason behind him calling her that and I think he did it because he was madI enjoyed Reluctant Surrender better than this book. less
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There was a lot of writing errors. The story might have been better without them.
Wow! I LOVED one! Great feisty heroine and smoking hot Dom!
3.5 stars
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