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Divine Fury (2012)

by Robert B. Lowe(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 3
Enzo Publications
Enzo Lee Mystery Thriller Series
review 1: I received this book free from the author to read and review. This book is as good, if not better, than the first Enzo Lee book. The plot is less complicated, so that alone makes it a bit easier to read and keep track of who's who. In this story, Enzo is covering a political campaign by an openly gay candidate for Governor of California. As can be expected, not everyone is happy with his candidacy or the prospect of such a person being Governor. Thus, people conspire to stop the candidacy, and Enzo finds himself once again in the middle of another nefarious plot. After introducing his character in the first book in the series, the author builds on the character, further developing Enzo and his world. Enzo is believable and could be any one of us. There are some further twi... morests and turns in Enzo's life in this book that bring out more of him and make him more real. The plot of this story, as I said earlier, is more straight forward than that of the first book, so I found it easier to follow. One thing I did not follow well is how Enzo, after being badly banged up after a bad fall from his bike as someone tries to run him down, can almost within a day chase after a fugitive as if nothing was wrong with him. Was he suddenly not sore or injured? What about all the pain killer drugs he had been taking? Poetic license, I guess. Nevertheless, it is evident this author knows how to write a story as well as develop a plot well. I look forward to reading many more of Enzo's adventures. I received this book free from the author to read and review.
review 2: Alright, I admit this will probably never be regarded as classic literature. But it is a quick paced, action adventure, and I really like Enzo Lee, who is the main character. This is the second book by Lowe that I have read featuring his beleaguered newspaperman, Lee. Lowe does a wonderful job of characterization and the plot and antagonists have been ripped from the front page of public debate. Take a conservative, evangelical church, add a gay candidate for the office of governor of California, then mix in a militant former Ranger, and our reluctant investigative reporter has a mystery on his hands, as well as front page news. What makes Lee such a wonderful character is that he is not really special in the sense of Bond or Bourne, but he is smart and compassionate, and though he tries not to, he genuinely cares about others. In my humble opinion, it is Lee that makes Lowe's books so memorable. His plots and settings are imaginative and contemporary to modern life, but in the end it is Lee that makes the books both readable and enjoyable. less
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Loved it! I hope there's more in store for Enzo Lee.
Fast pace, interesting subject, fun characters.
Decent, no great shakes
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