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Everything Is Going To Kill Everybody: The Terrifyingly Real Ways The World Wants You Dead (2010)

by Robert Brockway(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 1
0307464342 (ISBN13: 9780307464347)
Three Rivers Press
review 1: Funny. Very Funny which sense of humour is needed concerning the great matter of the death of our species. During the read I was thinking of the evil and not evil but stupid things that we do that could send us to oblivion-AMERICA I am looking at you! At the same time I was laughing to water down this heavy piece of cake the author cooks up for you. Although to be honest not all in the book seems widely accepted by science if not a bit far-fetched. Most of it is real cause for concern which should have one protesting GMOs and Pharma companies.
review 2: I was somewhat disappointed by this. It was funny at points, as I expected, and very interesting in others, but it just didn't quite have the punch I'd expected it would have. It felt lacking, and I found myself
... more almost wanting to rush through it to the end, to get done with reading it. I feel like two stars is a little low, because it did lead to learning some interesting facts that made me do my own personal research, but I'm not sure I can give it the three stars since I'm not really sure I "liked" it. It was okay, but not my type of humour, I guess. less
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Leukste boek over mogelijke apocalypsen ooit gelezen.
for some reason i found the random folly funny.
It made me laugh a lot =P
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