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Orphan's Alliance (2008)

by Robert Buettner(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 1
0316001740 (ISBN13: 9780316001748)
Jason Wander
review 1: It's rare I'll get this far into a series without cleansing the palate with something different between installments, but 4 books in and still gripped. A large chunk of Alliance deals with the shady side of space war politics, and political drama tends to leave me pretty cold. It's some welcome world building though, and just when things are starting to feel a tad dry things escalate into the best outer space Galactica-style action adventure since that great climax to the second book. Straight onto the fifth and final book!
review 2: Outstanding military science-fiction. The entire 5-book series was well written and I'm sad that's it's over. That's my measure of a well written book and series.Yes, it's kind of far-fetched to have a 3-Star General running arou
... morend a galaxy saving human kind from evil slugs. But, I guess it takes a 3-star General to save both humanity and the evil slugs who turn out not to be really evil after all. I would have killed them all in a heartbeat.Star with the first book in the series and go with the main character a long way. You love every step of the journey. less
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still really enjoying this series. well-done, quick reading.
Jason Wander's story continues and it's great!
Entertaining continuation of the series.
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