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Orphan's Triumph (2009)

by Robert Buettner(Favorite Author)
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0316001759 (ISBN13: 9780316001755)
Jason Wander
review 1: Great conclusion to a great set of books (5). I was a little perplexed when the series went all 'medieval' after book 2 - but I'm so glad I continued reading them. What to say about the ending, not what I expected. The last few chapters you pretty much knew what would happen with the lead character (I'm not going to give anything away so am being intentionally vague) but the actual end still came as a bit of a twist, and one that I really liked. Good series, looking forward to reading more from this author.
review 2: this is the final book in the jason wander series and man does it end with a bang! in this one the slugs seem to take another step towards the destruction of mankind. jason has to work out some problems on the planet of tressen in order to get so
... moreme cavorite to take down the pseudocephelapod hegemony. this book takes some incredibly interesting turns which makes this book an excellent ending to the series! a great read and i highly recommend this series! less
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This was a good ending to this series, the situation was little pat but it was still good ending.
Concludes the main arc of the Orphan series.
Good ending to a good series.
Most amazing series ever
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