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The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, And The Greatest Treasure Hunt In History (2009)

by Robert M. Edsel(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 3
1599951495 (ISBN13: 9781599951492)
Center Street
review 1: Fascinating look at the men who hunted and found stolen art works stolen by the Nazis during WWII. Each chapter deals with a different day and a different momuments man as they searched for clues, lists, hiding places, repositories of the art work hoping to get it before it is moved or destroyed. I liked that the chapters were short so it was perfect for my daily commute. This was something I never knew about but it was so important so that cultures and history were preserved.
review 2: Came to this via the film. The film grows on me the more I watch it but I was frustrated at the lack of detail and little off topic meanderings. Was greatly satisfied on the detail here. The size of the group, the sheer amount of work and effort involved, and the recent ackno
... morewledgment of their services after decades of passing notice. Why only three stars? It was hard to follow at points. Keeping track of all the minor officers and keeping everyone's missions straight while context of what was going on in combative efforts took some doing. I can see why they really trimmed it down for the film - too much but still. I did, however, get what I was looking for though and I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to know more after seeing the film or perhaps avoided the film entirely. less
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This read just like a thriller - a must-read for anyone who likes a GREAT story! And it's TRUE!
Interesting story. Never knew about any of this until seeing the movie.
I couldn't get into it. Didn't finish it.
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