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On Hallowed Ground: The Story Of Arlington National Cemetery (2009)

by Robert M. Poole(Favorite Author)
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0802715486 (ISBN13: 9780802715487)
Walker & Company
review 1: The author traces the transformation of the plantation of Confederate general Robert E Lee to Arlington Cemetery, an ironic twist of history as Union dead were buried to force the Lees to abandon their home after the Civil War. Highlights the efforts of the first superintendent to position grave sites as close to the family mansion as possible as well as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and John Kennedy's grave.
review 2: A very well written history of the Arlington National Cemetery. It starts with the Lee family living there and goes all the way to September 11th. There's enough detail to paint a beautiful picture without being so bogged down in history as to become the type of documentary I fall asleep during. It was especially poignant to read around Memori
... moreal Day. I want to visit again and view some of the places/graves that I can now see differently in the context of history. less
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Great read! I know more about Arlington than I thought because little in this book surprised me.
Very well written; excellent history of the creation and expansion of Arlington Cemetery
I learned so much from this book. It's poignant and uplifting.
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