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Christopher Walken A To Z: The Man, The Movies, The Legend (2008)

by Robert Schnakenberg(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 3
1594742596 (ISBN13: 9781594742590)
Quirk Books
review 1: Setup like an encyclopedia, a key word or phrase is used as an entry in this collection of facts about Walken. Names, movies & places lead into various trivia about him. It was interesting, but certainly not something I read for any length of time. While waiting for a commercial break or dinner to get ready, it was fun for short intervals, though. Movies are rated using a 5 star system & I found that I pretty much agreed with them. It turned me on to a couple of movies of his that I hadn't seen or watched in years.
review 2: While I’d rather just read a straight-up biography or collection of interviews, this was an ok little collection of Walken stuff. I haven’t paid much attention to anything cinema since the late 90s, so I was surprised that CW has c
... moreontinued to make movies at such a pace. The gold binding is a nice touch, although the last few pages, where the author tries to make Walkenisms into poetry, should have been negated at the Bad Idea point, let alone published. less
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Just proved to me that Christopher Walken is one strange dude. :)
Another Schnakenberg cut and paste of internet-sourced factoids.
"I have a fever, and the only cure, is more cowbell."
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