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Mich’sology is soon to be open in Ardence Labs in Eco Ardence, Setia Alam in January 2018. Founder Michelle Lee said the whole eatery concept is based on her mutual love for healthy and simple cuisine. All of her suppliers were carefully vetted and chosen to ensure freshness for her customers liking. Recently I attended her food tasting and the simplicity and freshness of her dishes blew me away. The food portion was not too small and not too big just fitting for a healthy portion. Thumps up Michelle for your passion in serving others with a healthy cuisine.

Pokè, the traditional Hawaiian dish made of raw fish cut into small pieces, was spelled poké, with a diacritical on the e. Poke is a word—poké and poki are not. You don’t just change a word to sell it better. A word has meaning. Hawaiians have gone to their entire lives explaining to visitors that it’s called poke (“poh-kay”), not “pohk.”

The new poke bowls incorporate many new ingredients and they’re definitely health-oriented.  Select as many mix-ins, sauces, and finishes as you want!

Salmon Pokè Bowl

Tuna Pokè Bowl

Greek Yogurt Bowls for breakfast or anytime of the day.

The bowl is filled with yogurt topped with all kinds of vibrant fresh fruits, nuts and crunchy granola. There were so many options and you can definitely try them all! The yogurt was rich and creamy and the perfect balance to the sweet fruit and decadent granola. You can also top it up with fresh milk which is unusual but nevertheless a great option.

Stay tune for the official oppening

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