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Hint Fiction: An Anthology Of Stories In 25 Words Or Fewer (2010)

by Robert Swartwood(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 4
0393338460 (ISBN13: 9780393338461)
W. W. Norton & Company
review 1: "It should be complete by standing by itself as its own little world." That's the editor's statement on what these short short stories should do. That's basically how I feel about all the books I read or movies and shows I watch. Most of these stories manage to do that, which is a sight to behold for sure. What a cute idea. A favorite, dark story by Kevin Hosey: "Triumphant, Dr. Masuyo held the frail child. After years, he finally had a cure. Outside, the sun warmed Hiroshima. And then he saw the flash."
review 2: I LOVED this collection. Going into it I wasn't sure how powerful stories with 25 words (or less) would be, but my mind was slowly blown. Each mini story I read niched a new wound in my heart. It was very powerful and the language was very driven (
... moreI mean HELLO. You only have 25 words to get a point across.) My favorite section was "Life and Death" with "Hate and Love" (Something like that) came in a close second. The third section was a bit out there and many of them seemed to not have much a point, but the other two sections make up for it. It's a really (REALLY) fast read and totally worth it. less
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Like a bag if literary m&m's. Lots of new writers to investigate and some truly eerie stories.
Loved this book- gpoing to recommend it to my bookclub...
It's full of good fiction. So little says so much.
My story "Civilian" appears in this anthology.
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