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I Would (2013)

by Robert Zimmermann(Favorite Author)
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Caffeinated Books Publishing
review 1: Honestly, the cover for me doesn't speak to the poem at all, unless maybe the pain that comes with distance. I have to say this was a beautiful poem; exquisitely written and I actually never re-read anything--this will however remain in my Kindle for just that purpose. I have to say as well, the best present one could get, is one written in words like this. And to share this pain/love with the world is truly a phenomenal and unique gift on top of it. It's one of my favorites, but there are so many of his works that I love, many of which are not published (this is the 3rd pubbed work I've read), and additional works can be found on his blog.
review 2: I loved this poem. This is the first poem I have read from Robert Zimmermann. I will definitely check out more
... more of Robert’s work. This poem really hit home with me. I had a long distance relationship with a very beautiful girl I met in Japan when I was modeling. When I was back in the states, I would miss her very much. We could only see each other every six months. She was so precious to me. My favorite part of the poem is where Robert says there is a closer point in my mind. That line made me think that yes I did have a connection with her in my mind and to hold on to that connection even in times of separation. I still to this day hold on to those precious memories of her. Thank you Robert for sharing your art with us and I do look forward to reading more of your work. less
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A poem of love for those whom are separated either by distance or circumstance.
Zimmermann's poetry is entertaining, powerful, and emotive.
"Folding a roadmap doesn't alter the world." I love that.
Beautiful poem.
Beautiful poem
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