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Cottage By The Sea (2012)

by Robin Jones Gunn(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 5
1416583459 (ISBN13: 9781416583455)
Howard Books
review 1: I chose this novel for two reasons. First, I share the last name of the author and second, I like the cover. Otherwise, I had little to no sense of what the book was about. I also did not know that Robin Jones Gunn fell into the category of Christian writers. All that said, I enjoyed this story. There was no mystery to it, just a nice family story that deals with family devotion as well as one's faith and perhaps, its role in one's life. One element that I really enjoyed was that every chapter started with an Irish blessing, due to the fact that one of the main characters was Mr. O'Reilly. The blessings in themselves were calming and pleasant. The story was not filled with surprises with the possibility of one at the end. Yet, with a bit of concentration and thoug... moreht, this might have been anticipated as well. Yet, that didn't spoil the enjoyment of the story. I definitely will read another of Ms. Gunn's books with the hope that it's not what I refer to as a 'formula' novel.
review 2: This was a well-written book with good character development. It wasn't my favourite book by Robin Jones Gunn, as the main character in the book is about my mum's age and at a different stage of life to me, but I still found it easy to read and a good book to pick up and read a couple of chapters before bed. It was a bonus to be able to find out more about Sierra and Jordan (the book follows on from Love finds you at Sunset Beach). You'll like this book if you enjoy the Sisterchick series, Canary Island Song and Under a Maui Moon. less
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Very enjoyable but emotional toward the end. I love how it all ended!! It was wonderful!!
Absolutely wonderful read about the importance of family. Love Robin Jones Gunn!
Very good book, but I enjoy Robin Jones Gunn too.
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