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Redwood Violet (2013)

by Robin Mahle(Favorite Author)
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1482795221 (ISBN13: 9781482795226)
Redwood Violet
review 1: I have to be honest and say that I started reading Redwood Volet one evening and was so unimpressed that I put my Kindle down, not intending to finish the book. However, not one to leave a book I decided to try again and found that the story gripped me, so much so that my 'DNF' no heart review, is now a 4-4 and half hearts!!!So, the beginning of Redwood Violet is slow; Spencer is an insipid character, and although I felt a certain amount of sympathy for Kate I did not want to connect with her.Robin Mahle allows the reader to become emotionally invested in the story of Isabelle, the mystery she cleverly ties to that of Kate's. As we are further absorbed into the narrative the events are both shocking and saddening.I was pleased with the way that Kate becomes pro-active, rat... moreher than allowing herself to be overwhelmed by her obvious emotions. I found I liked the 'new' Kate, especially the way in which she is willing to develop her relationship with her parents, and the side which we witness when she is around Detective Avery.The ending of this book is gasp-worthy, and I am so glad I haven't read it until now when I have All the Shiny Things waiting on my Kindle!!!! Only read Redwood Violet if you have a few hours to spare . . . . . you won't be going anywhere :-)!!!!
review 2: I received this free through Goodreads Firstreads. It kept me interested throughout until the last page however I wasn't aware it was part one of a series! Although the writing style was a little 'basic' for want of a better word, I did feel for the main character, Katie, and hope she finds out the truth about her terrible childhood experience. Will now have to read the second one to find out what happens! less
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I hate it when a book just stops. A ploy to sell the sequels? A fairly good read.
very good look forward to reading the next book
Where's the next? I wanna read the next!
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