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SEAL Of My Dreams (2011)

by Robyn Carr(Favorite Author)
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1611940664 (ISBN13: 9781611940664)
Bell Bridge Books
review 1: The stories I read were good, just super short, so not my taste. I failed to realize how short each novella was in this book. However, the writers featured are mostly big names, and excellent writers. This is good when you are in the doctor's office or wherever and want to be able to polish off an entire story before you are called back. Just be aware how short each one is - and if you love the super short stories, this one is for you!
review 2: wow. what a combination of authors and types of stories and fort a good cause too. there were only 1 or 2 of the stories that i was not overly fond of. But most i liked very much. Some took us back to favorite characters for the authors' series. others were totally new. some took place i military hot zones, an
... mored other were back stateside. some of the heroines were military as well as the SEAL heroes. There were many reunion stories and many stories where the SEAL were dealing with issues that came back with them. There was even a military dog that payed a key role in one of the stories. less
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Amazing. I highly suggest that you have tissues nearby.
This is a wonderful book all about seals, and romance.
great cause!
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