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The Christmas Tin (2012)

by Roderick J. Robison(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 5
1479271497 (ISBN13: 9781479271498)
review 1: I absolutely enjoyed this heartwarming story! It was the perfect book to get me ready for the upcoming holiday season. The stories told by Ardella left me misty-eyed throughout the book. The story of Jesse and his family also left me brushing away a tear or two. While it isn't a book with a religious theme, it is a wonderful story about how precious memories are made and treasured. It is a quick but engaging read and a book I plan to read each year before the Christmas season gets underway. I think this year I need to find my family a Christmas Tin and add it to our own traditions!
review 2: The Christmas Tin begins with Jesse Maclean looking for a good Christmas story to share with his daughter. She picks up the Christmas Tin that sits on the windowsill and a
... moresks to hear the story behind it. Jesse thinks it is the perfect story to share with his daughter. I would agree. I really liked the story of the Christmas Tin and how the objects inside came to be there. This was a good Christmas story. less
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A sweet, short, Christmas book that focuses on the spirit of the holiday season.
What a wonderful story, loved it!!!!
Very nice Christmas story
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