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Thor The Mighty Avenger, Vol. 1 (2010)

by Roger Langridge(Favorite Author)
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0785141219 (ISBN13: 9780785141211)
Thor: The Mighty Avenger
review 1: I fell in love with this a little bit after seeing 1-the cover. (Look at Thor's expression! Look at Jane's!) and 2-the first page, which is an illustration of Volstagg enveloping Thor in a bear hug and Thor has a "what can you do?" look on his face. I usually prefer a more realistic art style but the way that the characters' emotions and personalities are expressed is just wonderful.The stories in Thor the Mighty Avenger #1-4 were fun enough. My favorite parts were Thor and Jane's interactions. I skimmed through the Journey Into Mystery story. I was surprised to see how different Thor's origin story was in his first appearance.
review 2: The graphic novel Thor the mighty avenger, by Roger Langridge, Chris Samnee, and Matthew Wilson is a wonderful graphic
... morenovel with so much action. In the beginning the god of lightning, Thor finds himself stranded in Midgard(earth) and he meets a woman named Jane Foster. Jane then takes Thor to the museum and when Thor finds his hammer, mjolnir, he then tries to find his way to his home, Asgard, but he fails. He then sees Loki, and Loki makes him insane, and when he sees a frost giant instead of ant-man, he attacks. When he is sane again his friends Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg come and visit, they go to a resterant in Norway. In Norway he meets Captain Brittan, after a good amount of fighting they become friends and Thor has not found the rainbow bridge to Midgard. This is a book with much action and fighting, but not as gorry as the book of judges where Ehud sticks a double edge dagger into a fat king of Moab. I liked this book so much, and the driving conflict of ther Thor trying to find the rainbow bridge back to Asgard, and I am exited to see the new movie in a couple of days. In all this is an easy to read book for kids and adults of all ages. I loved this book, and and am exited to read the next one. less
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can't rate it 2.5, but this was okay. Just some origin stories that seemed kinda rushed, and blah.
Tons of fast-paced fun! I could've skipped the JIM reprints, though.
The graphics were great, and it was really interesting to read. :)
Cool style of art and well written characters
cute art, cute story, just cute all around.
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