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The Bitter End (2013)

by Rue Volley(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 5
Hot Ink Press
Golden Crown
review 1: All in all I spent more time trying to figure out what was going on than I was actually reading the story. It was a shorter read and took only a few hours which is fine, but I found no resolution in the ending. I am not phased by scenes of any sort but found the author's use of repetitive key terms really frustrating and felt they were thrown in just to make the word count increase.I found the characters not well developed and the scenes jumped around so much without any transition and I often couldn't figure out who was saying what lines.That being said, I loved the love/hate between Ryan and Beth but expected more of an ending given how the plot went. Very disappointing.I gave two stars because I liked Ryan and the idea behind the book was interesting. I just wish it was... more executed better. I probably will not continue the series unless it is free.
review 2: ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewFor the love of money is the root of all evil, not usually big on the bible but thats where the quote comes from and to me it sums this book up pretty much perfectly. I had some preconceived ideas going into this book and honestly wasn't totally sure I was gonna like it. I certainly didn't realise just how much I was gonna love it. This is a dark book, its certainly not hearts and flowers but if you read the blurb then you kinda know not to expect that anyway. Almost from the first sentence the book had me gripped and I couldn't put it down, it was almost a race to the end so I could see what happened and how it all played out. I love the writing style, it takes something extra to portray so many messed up people so well that I actually almost felt at times as though as I was there and witnessing the events that took place. The characters are something else, each more messed up than the other but not one was done in such a way that I felt wasn't believable, and as much as they were all evil as all get out there were also profound moments that allowed you a slightly deeper to realise that everything may not always be as is seems. Bethany and Ryan have an extremely complicated relationship that has a lot more to be unearthed, it may begin as a somewhat mutually beneficial arrangement but doesn't really stay that way. The author obviously has an immense talent at not only writing descriptive and provocative scenes but also keeping you on your toes and guessing without overwhelming you or letting the storyline run riot. I was originally going to give this book four stars until I realised that I couldn't stop thinking about it and needed to write my review so I could dive into the next one and see what happens next. This book will mess with your head in the best possible way and leaving you wanting more, definitely an explosive start to the series. less
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This is a very dark book, NOT a happy ending story. Great read!
This book was crazy I'm still shocked and a but confused!
This book is SO awful that it does not deserve a rating.
I hated it.
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