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Katy Carter Wants A Hero (2010)

by Ruth Saberton(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 5
1409103188 (ISBN13: 9781409103189)
Orion Publishing
review 1: Some laugh out loud (ok, more like chuckle or giggle, but you catch my drift) passages make out for the repetition of others. And the line "the only gay in the village?", in an allusion to Little Britain, would mke me feel like a sister in arms anyway. The author did make a clear effort of varying patterns and adding some new elements to the old chick lit, but we allknow what we are looking for when we are choosing such titles, don't we? So there it is. Ollie is adorable, and it was a nice couple of hours.
review 2: A fun story that had me laughing most of the time due to some ridiculous circumstances but the scenarios I could totally imagine happening in a kind of Stephanie Plum kind of way. In particular loved the scenes with Pinchy the lobster in it, was gla
... mored the useless guy got rejected by the main character, and that a long time friend became the romantic interest even though it took 237ish pages for the main character to realize she had liked him all along. A light hearted story that was worth reading. less
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Fun, mindless chick lit - perfect summer reading!
Fun, light reading
2.5 Stars
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