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Wanting You (2000)

by Ryan Michele(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 1
1492739030 (ISBN13: 9781492739036)
Forever Mine
review 1: This has to be every author's worst nightmare........Savannah or Vann as she likes to be referred to was forced by her mother to move away from the only people that mattered while she was in high school. Now that she is a successful author she has decided to return 'home' back to her two best friends, hergram and the one boy who she never forgot. Deke is use to loss. He never imagined having to lose Vann though. She had always been his one solid rock through all the struggles. One day he gets home to a letter stating she had to leave... of course, he is angry and mostly devastated. How do you cope when you lose the one person that means the most to you?The connection between Deke and Vann is amazing. You can feel it from the moment they finally lay eyes on each other again... more after 5 years of being apart. They aren't the same teenagers anymore and have been trying to fill a void that left them both empty when Vann was moved to California. Deke isn't aware that Vann is moving back so of course when he sees her there is anger there from feeling abandoned all those years ago. He could have handled the situation better because you know deep down how much he cares for her. Their story is full of ups and downs. There is amazing chemistry and passion between them but at the same time there is so much hurt from the past that feelings gets mixed. On top of that, Vann is hiding a secret that will eventually be revealed. Needless to say I wasn't expecting all the 'players in the game' to be who they were. This book was enjoyable, well written and I loved their story.... definitely would read again.
review 2: I liked the premise to this story...girl moves back to her hometown after being ripped away by her mother and her parent's ugly divorce. Five years later, she moves back and is ready to move on with her life. Moving on also means making peace with Deke Sullivan, the boy she loved and left behind. But the storyline to this one went down a really weird path with Vann's stalker and I just couldn't get behind her rekindled romance with Deke.I didn't really like Deke. Plan and simple, he was an ass. I could see past his man whorish ways, but the way he treated Vann was appalling. It was really hard to find one redeeming quality in the man, especially when we got to see that not everything Deke put out there was real. I could see Vann wanting to make peace with him and get some closure, but to try and do anything else with him grated on my nerves.Then there was the stalker storyline. Vann is secretly an erotic romance novelist. Only a few people know who she is, yet she has a stalker who is able to get in contact with her true identity instead of her alias. All believable, but then the identify of the stalker and his accomplice became known and their reasoning behind it lost me. This was another one of those reads where I had to say "is it me?" Others have liked it and more undoubtedly will too, but this was not one of my favorites. less
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A sweet romance with a twist. This was a very good read. Rated very good
oh wow what a rollercoaster of a story. I loved it from start to finish
My book ;O)
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