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Benjamin Franklin's Bastard: A Novel (2013)

by Sally Cabot(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 1
0062241923 (ISBN13: 9780062241924)
William Morrow
review 1: Loved this book! Basing her story on actual letters and other historical sources, Cabot relates a hugely entertaining story of Benjamin Franklin and his illegitimate son, William, who became the Royal Governor of New Jersey. It's also the story of Deborah Read, Franklin's common-law wife, and of Anne, his mistress and William's mother, and how they coped with Franklin and the situations they found themselves in. Cabot's descriptions of colonial Philadelphia, from Eads Alley to Market Street, are excellent, and details of the politics, the culture, Franklin's post office and his inventions and experiments,the smells and buildings and wharves, add so much to the feel of the story. Her characters are well drawn and the reader cares about them and the choices they make, the he... moreartache and pain and sorrow and love they share. My image of Benjamin Franklin as a balding, bespectacled, grandfatherly old guy has been changed forever after reading this story--he was that, but he was so much more. An excellent read!
review 2: I want to give this a 3.75 score... I loved learning about the scandalous Benjamin Franklin and was clueless to his personal life and heirs. The book was quite entertaining but for some reason the writing felt weak. Not sure why really but felt like I was reading more fluff than depth but still really enjoyed it. I would recommend for the pure fact of knowing more about the life of this great man... At least in some ways he was. less
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Really good historical fiction with some facts.
interesting story but seemed choppy to me....
3.5 stars. Will discuss at book club.
Not quite historical as I had hoped.
I loved this book.
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