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Chasing Sunset (2008)

by Sami Lee(Favorite Author)
3.28 of 5 Votes: 1
1605042609 (ISBN13: 9781605042602)
Samhain Publishing
review 1: Drew finds out from his girlfriend's reading material that she has ménage fantasies and decides to make it a reality for their one-year anniversary. He enrolls his best friend Brody to be the third partner, unaware that he's got some kind of thing for Sidney. While she's at first a bit startled, Sidney accepts this "gift" and things go amazingly well...at first. The ménage scenes are definitely well done but more importantly, the story that deals with the complexity of everyone's feelings and the aftermath is even better. Everyone's perspectives are offered and woven seamlessly for such a short story. I really enjoyed it and plan to read Brody's story next.
review 2: I have to say this was a cute read. Sid and Drew are about to celebrate their one year annive
... morersary. After reading a few of Sid's romance novels (which I found to be awesome), Drew thinks he has found the perfect anniversary gift by giving Sid her ultimate fantasy in the form of his best friend Brodie. Things don't quite go as Drew planned and he's afraid what he has started will end up making him lose Sid to his best friend. The only thing I didn't like was the lack of closure with Brodie in the end, because otherwise it would have been 5 stars. less
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This is the first book I read by Sami Lee. It's not much I can say its not a story for me.
I feel you shouldn't start something you can't finish and this was a prime example.
Free read. Definitely erotica, but the plot was lame and the storyline was weak.
Was a very good read and glad they worked it. Can't wait to read more books!
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