Light bulb off

Work down my list that I had to do on my laptop. Usually in-between I come up with a subject that I want to write about on my blog. But for a change… my mind stay blank. No subject arises in my head or no light bulb that shines so bright, nothing.

In the meantime, I do my administration, go through my FB timeline (stayed off FB last weekend), read some news (Trump only appeared three times in news overview), go through my column before I put it in concept (I try to write a column every week for an online magazine), ordered medicine and still nothing. I have been busy for about over an hour and still nothing. Still no shining light bulb!

I texted my friend, I have nothing to write about. Then she said, why not about that. That your mind is blank and you just had a boring weekend. Well she said boring in a nice way, using a more difficult word for it. While writing it down I realise, there was one exciting thing…

I manage to convince my other friend to go with me to the movie, Guardians of the Galaxy part 2. I want to see that one! Luckily, this time he was easy to convince. Next week we go to the movie. That was the exciting moment of the weekend. So yeah, how exciting!

And still, nothing, no ‘O my gosh what a shining light bulb’ moment. Yeah, my life is sometimes a bit boring however not for me. I love my weekends when I can read and watch TV. I still read ‘It’ from Stephen King. I have notice, even though I am pretty good in English, I read apparently not that quick in English as I read in Dutch. Somehow, my mind need a tiny bit more time to process those English words.
I have watch a serie on Netflix. Gosh… what did I watch… O there is light bulb title, The Lizzie Borden Chronicles. That was a good one! I really enjoyed that, too bad Netflix don’t have that movie in their database. Then Outlander season two, just like with season 1, I still can’t get use to that Jamie. It is not the Jamie I pictured it. I don’t know, that makes me hesitate to watch season 2 too. I do love the books (I joined in for a quiz and won seven books). I think I might start to watch something else next weekend, I believe I already have choose it, but… no light bulb title moment.

Thank you my dear friend for giving me an idea to write about… Even though there is still no light bulb moment I manage to write, even though it might be a bit confusing one but I did it!

Ooo, btw… I did manage already to pick out one book to take with me on holiday, ‘Sarum’ by Edward Rutherfurd. I love his books!

Writing this down I realise, that was a perfect introverted weekend!

Wish you all a lovely Monday!

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