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Broken Places (2010)

by Sandra Parshall(Favorite Author)
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1590587103 (ISBN13: 9781590587102)
Poisoned Pen Press
Rachel Goddard Mystery
review 1: Cam and Meredith have lived in Mason county since they arrived as VISTA volunteers many years ago. When the two are murdered, however, it means drastic changes in the lives of many. Veterinarian Rachel's old friend Ben is an immediate suspect. Cam and Meredith's daughter Lindsay, who has a long history with deputy sheriff Tom, returns home from Roanoke, planning to do the best--or worst--she can to break up the growing relationship between Rachel and Tom. And, worst, Rachel must decide whether she can share the burden of her past with Tom.
review 2: This is the third book in the Rachel Goddard series. Rachel has settled down in her new town, she has a new boyfriend and her vet practice is going well. One morning, she heads over to visit a friend who draws a
... morepopular cartoon. While administering acupuncture to his elder dog, Rachel overhears a tense argument between her friend Ben and the town's newspaper editor and owner. On the way home, she hears a shot and discovers the body of Cam Taylor, the newspaper editor. Rachel fears Ben Hern, her friend has killed him. Then Taylor's house burns down, with his wife inside. Who wanted to kill the Taylors? Why has Ben's mother disappeared? Does this trail date back forty years to the Taylors' service in VISTA in the sixties? Meanwhile, Lindsay Taylor returns to Mason County to bury her parents. She is fixated on taking up with Sheriff Tom Bridger, her old boyfriend again, except Tom is now in love with Rachel. The web is large and complicated. less
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Sandra Parshall weaves a good tale with interesting characters. I hope to read more of this series.
Currently really enjoying the book. Am reading this one with my ears as I walk.
Murder mystery, veternarian and cop team up, several murders.
Sandra's Rachel Goddard mysteries are awesome!!
rather boring.
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