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Bleeding Through (2012)

by Sandra Parshall(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 3
1464200270 (ISBN13: 9781464200274)
Poisoned Pen Press
Rachel Goddard Mystery
review 1: A teenager’s body is found in Mason County, Virginia and Deputy Sheriff Tom Bridger is called in on the case. To his dismay, he discovers that it is a local teen that has been missing for the last month. Unfortunately, a group of teens are cleaning up the trash along the highway and are the ones who discover the body. One of the girls screams, realizing it’s her missing sister.In the meantime, Rachel Goddard, a local veterinarian and special friend of Tom’s, has a surprise visit from her sister, Michelle, who insists she is being stalked. Tom has to split his time between the death of the local teen and Michelle’s stalker. Then to her horror, Michelle discovers her stalker has followed her to Mason County, and Rachel, too, begins receiving messages from the stalker... more. He seems to have penetrated every file and every building where they are.As Tom and Rachel race to track the stalker, and to find the killer, they put themselves into extreme danger. Can they stop the stalker before he kills? How can they stop the creepy “gifts” he keeps leaving for Michelle and Rachel?Sandra Parshall is a native Southerner and this is the fifth book in her Agatha award-winning series. I enjoyed this book very much and Parshall has kept the suspense so tense, I couldn’t put it down. I look forward to the next book in the enjoyable series. Kudos to Sandra Parshall for a compelling yarn!Reviewed by Holly Price author of “At Death’s Door” (released soon) for Suspense Magazine
review 2: I absolutely adored Sandra Parshall's first novel The Heat of the Moon, but I could not imagine how she could possibly maintain this kind of intensity in a series. She has, and she has done a suberb job with all her subsequent novels featuring veterinarian Rachel Goddard and Deputy Sheriff Tom Bridger. Bleeding Through, the fifth in the series, reflects back to the action of that first novel more than in the intermediate books. Rachel's sister, Michelle, may have a stalker. Even Michelle's husband isn't sure he believes her. When Michelle comes to stay with her sister in an effort to get away, the stalker addresses his attention to both sisters. In the meantime, Tom's dealing with the murder of a local woman, who went missing from her home several hours away, and now a month later, her remains are found locally. Could all of this be because of an earlier local murder? And things from Rachel's past, which she would prefer remain buried, seem to be surfacing. It's an intense story with engaging characters. Highly recommended. (But if you're new to this series, start at the beginning.) less
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So-so. I finished it but didn't think it was particularly well written or well plotted.
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