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Secrets And Wives: The Hidden World Of Mormon Polygamy (2000)

by Sanjiv Bhattacharya(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Done from a journalistic point of view, and you can see further in the book that he gets a little too involved with the subject. I was asking myself if referring to the pural wives he encountered in his book as "hot" was a breach of ethics, but reflexivity is important, I guess. As he was introduced to members of the community, and then refused access later in the book, he was approached by women to help them leave the community... I'll leave you to read what happens; just questionable ethics, all the way around. It was more an interesting struggle of his own interpretation of the subject than an actual honest rendering of this group.
review 2: I am enjoying the tone and pace of this book. WHile the subject is serious, one gets the feeling that the author do
... morees not take himself too seriously.I just finished this book. It was a little daunting, the number of people that one had to keep straight, got to me at points in the reading. I also was a bit overwhelmed by the Mormon and fundamentalist Mormon doctrine. The thing that sets this book apart for me, as a person who has read many works of nonfiction about Mormon polygamists in America, is that the book does not try to engage the reader to feel any certain way about polygamy, Mormons, the fundamentalist Mormons or any of it. He just tells the story as he seems to have found it and leaves the choice of what you believe up to the individual. I did not feel compelled to judge at all. I was appalled by many thins that I read but not particularly surprised as much of the basic information, child brides, brutal child abuse, child molestation, the hoarding of wives by the leaders in the community was all familiar territory. It was interesting to learn what happened to Tapestry Against Polygamy, an organization I learned about from television shows in the eighties.I found Sanjiv's hands off approach to this subject to be interesting and I would definitely read something else by this author. less
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Too many assumptions, poorly researched, poorly written. I wouldn't recommend it. Ever.
Good read, and a peek into a world that is little known by outsiders.
4.5 stars. By far the best polygamy book I've read.
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