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The Devil's Fire (2008)

by Sara Bell(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 3
1603702490 (ISBN13: 9781603702492)
Torquere Press
The Kingdom of Orielle
review 1: Not without its flaws, but these were minor things and I'd still give the book an above 4-star rating, if not quite a 5-star one. Talk about a political clusterfuck. Well-done intrigue. Plot and character development was not rushed. Fascinating characters with well-rounded personalities and the world-building was elaborate enough to be interesting without becoming so complex as to baffle or otherwise distract the reader. I wasn't aware this book was intended for the start of a series when I set out, so things that may have taken me aback with their unresolved or foreboding nature no longer really concern me. I'd imagine they would be addressed in a sequel, and that aside, there was nothing overwhelmingly open-ended that would result in the hair-tearing frustration of a cli... moreffhanger. It was a very self-contained bit of fantasy writing. No overwrought sex scenes, and romantic gestures/overtures were, in my opinion, not saccharine. Very enjoyable.
review 2: Very good and intricate story, nice world building, and great characters. I was not very emotionally invested with them to be honest, but nonetheless, I quickly read all the way through the book, and was excited to learn what was coming. I didn't expect a couple of things that happened, which was good, because I usually can guess things correctly, and then of course they are not as enjoyable as surprises would have been. Overall, this story is very enjoyable and happy, although it does brush darker things like murder and torture. It's a beautiful book, I definitely recommend it. less
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Truly sweet story.Gareth and Alric and very tender with each other.
3.5 stars. A copy editor could have bumped it up to 4.
loved this book!!!!!!
Love, love, love...
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