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In Your Corner (2014)

by Sarah Castille(Favorite Author)
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1402296231 (ISBN13: 9781402296239)
Sourcebooks Casablanca
review 1: The opening gambit that sets up Amanda's professional struggles feels very much like Helen Gurley Brown's defiant Cosmo girl of the previous century. In the present-day context, the slut-shaming as blackmail against a single woman in her late 20s (in CA!) is a baffling head-scratcher. Getting past that (and the daddy issues and mandatory only child v. inattentive professionally ambitious, emotionally remote parents) leads to a super sexy, tightly woven erotic romp. In Your Corner is similar to the Real series by Katy Evans--without the severe mental health medical diagnosis.
review 2: This was another Awesome Read by Sarah Castille.I read book # 1 in the Redemption Series (Against the Ropes)and Loved Makala & Torment's story so much I had to give Book # 2 a tr
... morey. In Your Corner is Jake & Amanda's story.Yes, they try to give it one more try to make a relatioship work between them in their own book.There are so many ups and downs going on in this book. The blistering emotions coming from these two will give you a heartattack.There are alot of evil minded people in this read to hate and make your blood boil. Like in the first book there is alot of action ,suspense, emotional romance and Hot Sex not to mention Ripped MMA fighters sweaty bodies.Oh and a few new charactors to sweeten the story. The only thing i would have changed would be that Makala and Torment didn't show up in this book as much as i would have liked.C'mon Amanda and Jake were in almost every other chapter in book # 1 .Amanda being Maks best friend i just thought i would see them more ,but i didn't and that was a bummer.Overall i loved this book and can't wait to read more of this Steamy Hott Series. less
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Fifty Shades meets Fight Club? Hardly. But the book was enjoyable. I recommend it.
I love this series!
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